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For breakfast Acuka Seasonings

For breakfast Acuka Seasonings


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Acuka (Abkhazian: аџьыка, аџьыкаҟaҧшь or aџьыкаҵәаյՙа, Georgian: აჯიკა, Russian: аджика), pepper, native to the Caucasus, with two varieties, breakfast and food. A salty appetizer made from a mixture of walnuts, walnuts and various spices. Acuka(аџьыка) comes from the Abkhaz word for "salt".[1][2][3]
Depending on the color of the pepper put inside, it can range in color from red to orange. Acuka, which can be made hot or sweet depending on the pepper used in it, is generally consumed cold with bread for breakfast. While edible acuka is more salty, more bitter and does not contain walnuts, if it is to be consumed for breakfast, it is made with less salt, no bitterness and ground walnuts. Freshly picked garden peppers are the main ingredient.
Acuka requires effort and time to make, so it is made in large quantities at a time by women in rural areas. Since it has a long shelf life thanks to its salty structure, it was preferred by the people in regions with harsh winters (Caucasus, Eastern Anatolia, etc.). Since its taste varies depending on the type and amount of spices added, it becomes personalized depending on the person making it. Nowadays, it is sold commercially in some markets.
General content; pepper paste, olive oil, salt, garlic, breadcrumbs, coriander seeds, black pepper, basil and ground walnuts.