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Bruschhetta Spices

Bruschhetta Spices


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Origin: Türkiye

We have prepared traditional Italian Bruschetta spices for you. You can buy them in 500gr and 1kg sizes.
You should try Bruschetta, an Italian delicacy, a mixture of Mediterranean spices that will add flavor to your appetizers and salads. You can make delicious Brushettas with our recipe.
It is a traditional-natural product, you can get the weight you want with the options.
Content: dried tomatoes, dried garlic, dried basil, rock salt, sweet chili pepper, oregano
Bruschetta recipe
You can prepare it with any bread made with whole grains, gluten-free, yeast-free, without grain flour, or with your regular bread.
Recipe for 2 people:
6 slices of bread, cut thinly and dry-grilled to a crisp
2 cloves of garlic
2 tomatoes
quarter bunch of basil
Quarter fresh broccoli
Two fresh green peppers or red capsicum (can be sweet or hot according to your preference)
mozzarella or any type of cheese you like
pure cold pressed organic olive oil
Peel the garlic, cut each clove in half, and spread this garlic on freshly grilled bread to give the bread a garlic flavor.
Also cut the tomatoes and peppers into cubes in a bowl, sprinkle two tablespoons of olive oil and a teaspoon of Bruschetta herb and spice mixture on top and mix.
Grill the broccoli or boil it for 5 minutes and mix it into the tomato and pepper mixture you made.
Place very thinly cut mozzarella cheese or cheese slices on grilled and garlic-smeared bread slices, and top it with the vegetable mixture you prepared (You can also prepare this vegetable mixture with your favorite vegetables - artichokes, eggplants, mushrooms, etc., you can change the content by grilling all the vegetables) and one or two soups. Spread the spoon as much as the bread can hold, place two or three leaves of fresh basil on top, and your delicious Italian appetizer will be ready. Enjoy your meal

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