Maltepe Mah. Yeşilkent Sitesi 54200 Adapazarı Sakarya


Manufacture<: Neviye Mah. Atatürk Cad. Arifiye -Sakarya / Türkiye

Australia : 104/2 Malmbury Drv Meadow Heights Vic 3048 /Australia

Serbia : Uçitelj Tasina Niş 18000/ Serbia



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  • 50 gr

Origin: Türkiye


Curry: The Rich Spice of Traditional Indian Cuisine

Famous as the local flavor of India, curry is the first taste that comes to mind when Indian food is mentioned. It comes to the table as a mixture of many spices. So if you ask what is curry; It is a blind spice festival. Although it is a common taste used in European cuisines after Asian cuisines, the flavor that has just gained a place in Turkish cuisine fascinates spice lovers with the pleasant aroma it adds to dishes.


What are the Benefits of Curry?

Combining the taste and benefits of multiple spices, curry is good for joint pain with the curcumin ingredient it contains.

The substance that helps reduce joint inflammation also supports brain development and acts as a preventative against Alzheimer's disease, which is a frightening dream especially for older people.

Studies on curry spice, a rich ingredient, have shown that curry has healing-promoting properties on different types of cancer.

It has also been stated that it has an effect on stopping the progression of cancer in people who regularly consume curry.

It helps relieve digestive problems with the turmeric and ginger it contains. It is especially regulating for the digestive system. For those who wonder whether curry hurts the stomach, it should be said that curry is good for indigestion. However, it is recommended that those with stomach problems consult a doctor before consuming.

It strengthens bones and fights against osteoporosis.

The most remarkable feature of curry is that it reduces the harms of smoking. Curry, a miraculous food for smokers, helps remove harmful toxins from the body with the crocin substance it contains.

Another point for those wondering what curry is good for is liver diseases. The spice, which has been used in the treatment of liver diseases since ancient times, has blood-enhancing properties.

Apart from spice, curry leaf benefits include its carminative effect. Curry leaf, which has a soothing and refreshing effect on the digestive system when used alone, is also used in skin and hair care.

Curry, which also strengthens eye health, also supports protection from all diseases as it strengthens the immune system in general.

Thanks to curry consumption, you can gain innovation from head to toe. Thanks to this mixture of spices containing plenty of antioxidants, you will help cleanse your internal organs while renewing your skin.


Where is Curry Used? Which dish goes well with it?

Curry spice, which brings the flavor of Asian dishes to the table, is widely used in the kitchen and is added to almost every dish.

The mixture, which accompanies every recipe in Asian cuisines, from meat dishes to salads, is made more palatable by adding curry seeds in Turkish cuisine, and is used mainly in white meat dishes such as chicken and vegetable dishes.

Especially curry prepared as a sauce; It is one of the most delicious flavors you can try in meat dishes.

Curry, which is becoming more and more popular with the aromatic taste it gives to dishes; It is also added to dishes such as pasta and soup.

It comes to the tables especially with recipes such as curry rice and curry potatoes.

Curry, which is the ideal spice you can choose to season meat in meat dishes, invites you to the table with its scent.

If you are going to prepare a creamy pasta; You can double the flavor of pasta with 1 teaspoon of curry. Additionally, curry mixed with cream will help the pasta digest more easily in your stomach.

You can add curry to soups to spice them up. It is an ideal spice for vegetable soups.